Mobile Devices

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  • Mobile devices have undergone mass global adoption and users continue to expect more features and functionality from their smartphones and tablets. These demands have driven manufacturers to maintain competitive advantage by shortening product life-cycles and expediting the introduction of better, more powerful products to market.

    Universal Instruments partners with the world’s most renowned mobile device manufacturers in both ODM and EMS environments, integrating solutions that help them attain the sustained high-volume productivity they need, while also affording them the agility to quickly introduce new products and ramp to volume.

    Our surface mount platforms deliver high-performance, high-density passive placement, with the versatility to easily perform back-end tasks such as shield and odd-form placements – all with exceptional yields – giving our customers the confidence to take on any challenge.

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  • Mobile Device Products
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Laptops
    • Personal music players
    • Peripherals
    • Wearables
  • Universal Instruments Mobile Devices Solutions Advantages
    • Surface mount, odd-form, advanced packaging, and automation solutions
    • Flexible surface mount portfolio with high-speed to odd-form capabilities
    • Small substrate and flex circuit handling
    • Tooling, software, and vision algorithms that make odd-form assembly standard
    • Best-in-class LED solutions across multiple technologies
    • High-accuracy placement of an expansive component range
    • NPI tools for 100% first-pass yield and fast ramp-to-volume