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  • Consumer products are becoming increasingly more capable and diverse to meet the demands of the growing high-tech market. High-definition televisions, home computers, gaming systems, and personal music devices play an integral role in the daily activities of most households. With technologies such as LEDs being integrated into these everyday products and the variety of products available today, manufacturers are tasked with implementing a flexible production model that is poised to handle their next build and quickly ramp to volume.

    Universal Instruments’ solutions help manufacturers address this diversity with the ability to easily assemble everything from large substrates for set-top boxes to intricate digital camera boards with precision placement requirements. Universal has a proven lineage of successfully partnering with leaders in this segment, helping them quickly get quality products to market.

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  • Consumer Products
    • Televisions
    • Cable/satellite set-top boxes
    • Home computing
    • Cameras
    • Personal music players
    • USB peripherals
    • RC hobby
    • Gaming
    • Home stereo
  • Universal Instruments Consumer Solutions Advantages
    • Surface mount, odd-form, through-hole, advanced packaging, and automation solutions
    • Small to very large substrate handling
    • High-accuracy placement of an expansive component range
    • Best-in-class LED solutions across multiple technologies
    • NPI tools for 100% first-pass yield and fast ramp-to-volume