LED Headlamps

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Automotive headlamps – specifically LED variants – have evolved into complex assemblies requiring ultra-precise processes to achieve extreme performance standards. Universal’s propriety Top-Side Alignment Process (TAP) ensures an accurate, repeatable, high-speed and economical production solution that builds brighter and more adaptive (color direction, intensity) LED automotive headlamps. Since 1996, Universal has successfully leveraged TAP for LED, CPV, camera sensor and laser diode applications.

  • TAP is a process to precisely place and align LEDs leveraging Universal’s inherent platform accuracy
  • A top-side inspection of LED light-emitting, critical and bounding features is performed on a back-lit vacuum nest, followed by a bottom-side inspection of identical critical and bounding feature
  • Universal’s TAP process eliminates the inaccuracies of alternative solutions caused by part movement during a post-inspection (top-side only) pick proces
  • 7-spindle placement head enables gang-pick and place for unmatched throughput

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