Fan-Out WLP

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Fan-out WLP


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As the demand for thinner, smaller and higher performance continues to drive the mobile market, advanced packaging technologies are evolving to support these requirements. Fan-out WLP is emerging as the optimal wafer-level packaging technology, delivering an increasing number of interconnects with superior electrical and thermal performance.

Assembly of this type of device, however, presents a unique set of challenges. The wafer form factor supported by traditional semiconductor placement solutions limits assembly size and is a barrier to cost-effective production. Universal’s advanced packaging solutions leverage a platform architecture without size restrictions, maintaining high accuracy at high-speed SMT assembly rates across the largest panel size. In addition, Universal solutions place multiple die types and a full range of passive components, facilitating the inevitable migration from a single device package to a system-in-package.

  • 2X the throughput at the lowest cost per placement
  • High accuracy (±10µm) at highest speed (10K cph) over largest area (813mm x 610mm)
  • Any feeding option: wafer, tray, tape, tube, bulk, multiple direct die feeders
  • Place a full range of high-accuracy actives and passives on single platform
  • Any substrate, including thin, flex and large-area panels
  • Leading-edge process and materials expertise

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