Advanced Packaging

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  • The global demand for technologies that deliver greater performance in the smallest form factor has created new challenges for electronics packaging and assembly. New product designs are driving manufacturers to address 2.5D and 3D advanced semiconductor packaging requirements, as well as optimize processes to integrate new materials and substrates. Universal Instruments is well-established at the leading edge of the convergence and advanced packaging era, having cultivated mature and versatile technologies and process capabilities along the way.

    To maximize competitive advantage, knowledge makes the difference. Our Advanced Process Laboratory plays a leading role in the greater electronics community, organizing research consortia, and building partnerships with academic and industry experts to identify and develop new and emerging technologies – those that will take electronics assembly far into the future.

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  • Advanced Packaging Technologies
    • Flip chip-in-package (FC BGA, PoP, FC CSP, FC lead frame)
    • Flip chip-on-board (FCoB)
    • Flip chip-on-flex (FCoF)
    • System-in-Package (SiP)
    • 2D/2.5D/3D Packaging
    • eWLB, Wafer-level
    • Embedded
    • High-accuracy place (die attach, lid attach, PQFN)
  • Universal Instruments Advanced Packaging Solutions Advantages
    • Proven platform providing highest throughput, optimal accuracy, and lowest cost of operation and ownership
    • All-in-one platform for advanced packaging, convergence, and SM applications
    • Highest first-pass yields
    • Capability to address the widest range of advanced packaging applications
    • Broadest range of die, component, and substrate handling
    • Flexible feeding configurations
    • Advanced Process Lab expertise to maximize yield, realize sustainable process improvements, and optimize reliability