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  • The Uflex™ flexible automation platform provides exclusive value by breaking traditional automation barriers with a dramatically shortened payback period and a 50% ROI improvement. With a revolutionary architecture that enables it to be easily reconfigured in the field, Uflex is a valuable asset that speeds time to market – particularly in higher mix environments. Uflex enables user-level custom programming and simplified reconfiguration by leveraging cloud-based libraries of “Apps” (process strategies and hardware drivers) to quickly transition to the next application.

    Uflex is a scalable solution with a compact footprint and can be integrated into lean manufacturing lines to perform complex processes, or configured in-line to replace manual assembly processes. It delivers unsurpassed performance for variety of single-process automation tasks at half the cost of alternative solutions:

    • Pick and place (including clinch)
    • Dispensing
    • Screw driving
    • Labeling
    • Test handling
    • Many other operations
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Uflex Specifications
Uflex Specifications
Insertion Rate1.2 sec/component (Max with 3-component gang pick)
Board Size (W x D x H)50 x 75 x 0.5mm (Min) to 630 x 508 x 12mm (Max)
Insertion Heads2 pneumatic grippers (Max) or 3 vacuum grippers/nozzle (Max)
Max Component Size (W x D x H)127 x 127 x 100mm (Max)
Feeder Interface700mm wide, supports up to 10 feeding devices
Positioning SystemLead screw drive with 2G acceleration, 2m/sec speed
Accuracy / Repeatability50µm accuracy, 8µm repeatability
Automation ProcessesPick & place (including clinch), dispensing, screw driving, inspection, test handling, and more
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H)1000 x 1700 x 1830mm
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