Polaris Servo-Gripper Assembly Cell

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Polaris Servo-Gripper Assembly Cell can streamline your manufacturing process by automating reflow odd form assembly, wave solder odd form assembly, or final product assembly. Specialized capabilities include through-hole insertion and surface mount component placement with controlled placement force. The flexibility, optimal utilization levels, and user-friendly design of Polaris Servo-Gripper deliver superior quality products at higher throughput than manual assembly to improve your productivity.

You can efficiently assemble virtually any non-standard device including:

  • Connectors
  • Transformers
  • Shields
  • Many other non-standard devices

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  • Dispensing – Seals/gaskets, passivation/potting, die/SM component attach, thermal conductivity
  • Bar Code Reading – Bar code readability verification (1D or 2D matrix), traceability of pallet/assembly/piece parts
  • Vision – Optical character verification (OCV)/recognition (OCR), inspect dispensed materials for voids/gaps/presence, piece part inspection/correction, fiducial/pattern inspection
  • Screw Driving – Pneumatic-drive and servo-drive
  • Pick & Place – Mechanical piece parts/assemblies, covers/lids, labels, SM/IM/odd-form components, electronic circuit boards
  • Labeling – Traceability (bar codes), masking, branding/graphics, identification, sealing

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