Polaris Junior Assembly Cell

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  • The Polaris Junior Assembly Cell offers efficient, single-process final assembly for low-end robotic and semi-automatic processes. It features a scalable cell width with common controls, side covers, and frame structure for a low-cost solution with faster lead times than custom cells. An innovative design allows for easy installation and relocation, as well as compatibility with most conveyors. A standard interface and a large portfolio of existing tool modules enable a wide range of applications on a common platform.

    Polaris Junior facilitates economical production, providing exactly the right amount of functionality for your specific requirements by automating:

    • Dispensing
    • Screw driving
    • Pick and place
    • Labeling
    • InkJet marking
    • Test handling
    • Many other operations
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Polaris Junior Process Capabilities & Specifications
  • Dispensing – Seals/gaskets, passivation/potting, die/SM component attach, thermal conductivity
  • Screw Driving – Pneumatic-drive and servo-drive
  • Pick & Place – Mechanical piece parts/assemblies, covers/lids, labels
  • Labeling – Traceability (bar codes), masking, branding/graphics, identification, sealing
  • InkJet Marking
  • Test Handling
X-Y Cartesian GantryX-AxisY-AxisZ-Axis
Travel (500mm cell)224mm800mm100mm
Travel (750mm cell)464mm800mm100mm
Travel (1000mm cell)653mm800mm100mm
Travel (1500mm cell)1041mm800mm100mm
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