2019 Meetings

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 October | May | March
October AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
May AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
March AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
MAT6H. Sintered Copper Joining: Peter McClure
MAT7F. Low-Melt BiSn Mixed Assembly: Effect of Reflow Temperature: Eric Cotts
MAT7F. Low-Melt BiSn Mixed Assembly: Mechanical and Microstructural Behavior: Luke Wentlent
REL9A. Mixed VIPPO BGA Array Soldering Defects: Pericles Kondos and Thaer Alghou
REL18A. BiSn Mixed Solder Electromigration: Faramarz Hadian, Mohammed Genanu, Eric Cott
Power Packaging Assembly Challenges: Douglas Hopkin
MAT1C. Capillary Underfill and Edge Bonding of BGA Components: Pericles Kondos and Thaer Alghoul
MAT6G. High Reliability Solder Alloys: Effect of Bi Content: Luke Wentlent
MAT4C. Thermal Interface Materials: Thermal Mechanical Cycling: Michael Gaynes and Peter McClure
MAT9B. Self Assembly Paste Evaluation SAP Overall – 8X video: Peter McClure and Yujia Wang
REL11B. Modeling of BGA Applications under Tensile Load: Michael Meilunas and Mahdi Farahikia
REL15C. Power Cycle Reliability Testing (PBGA, QFN): Michael Gaynes, et al
APD8A. Solder Voiding Behavior in Vacuum Reflow Soldering Vacuum Reflow video: Michael Meilunas
MAT6C. Sintered Silver Printing and Die Attach Study: Thaer Alghoul and Pericles Kondos
MAT4B. Thermal Interface Resistance: Surface Roughness Effects: Peter McClure and Michael Gaynes
APD11C. Selected Area Laser Rework: Luke Wentlent