2018 Meetings

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 October | May | March
October AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
REL15C: Power Cycle Testing: Michael Gaynes
APD2B: Flexible Substrate Chip Joining: Peter McClure, Mukund Ayalasomayajula
MAT8D: Conformal Coating for Mitigation of Sulfur Induced Resistor Corrosion: Marie Cole, et al.
MAT7F: Low-Melt BiSn Mixed Solder Assembly: Luke Wentlent
REL18A: Electromigration Behavior of BiSn Mixed Solder Joints: Faramarz Hadian
Packaging Challenges for SiC Power Semiconductors: Arun Gowda
APD8A: In-line Vacuum Reflow SMT Process: Michael Meilunas, Arvind Karthikeyan
APD11B: Laser Reflow Die Stacking: Luke Wentlent
REL9A: Mixed VIPPO Array Solder Joint Defects: Pericles Kondos
REL5B: Screening the PCB Microvia Reliability Problem: Kevin Knadle
MAT6C: Sintered Silver Die Attach Materials Update: Pericles Kondos
MAT4B,C: Thermal Interface Materials (TIM2): Performance & Reliability: Michael Gaynes, Mukund Ayalasomayajula
MAT6G: Pb-free Solder Alloys for Engine Control Applications: Michael Meilunas
MAT9B: Self Assembly Paste Evaluation SAP consolidation video – 8X (pg. 7): Peter McClure
Effect of Precipitate Coarsening on Solder Joint Life in Test and Use: Thaer Alghoul, Peter Borgesen
APD2B: Ultra-thin Wafer Die Ejection from Tape: Peter McClure, Preeth Sivakumar
May AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
Sintered Silver Bonding Studies: Pericles Kondos (presented by J. Wilcox)
Pb-free Solder Alloy Evaluations: Luke Wentlent
Thermal Interface Materials: Performance & Reliability: Michael Gaynes (presented by J. Wilcox)
System in Package (SiP) Interconnect Reliability: Michael Meilunas (presented by J. Wilcox
Area Selective Laser Reflow Assembly: Luke Wentlent
Flexible Electronics Substrate Assembly: Peter McClure (presented by L. Wentlent)
Mixed VIPPO Array Soldering Defects: Pericles Kondos (presented by J. Wilcox)
March AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
APD2B. Flexible Substrate Chip Joining: Peter McClure
APD2C. SnAgCu Soldering to Conductive Ink Circuitry: Peter McClure
MAT6G. Solder Alloys for Engine Control Applications: Luke Wentlent
PCB Hole Fill Process Capability Study: Anjani Ladhar
REL9A. Mixed VIPPO Array BGA Soldering Defects: Pericles Kondos
MAT7F. Low Temperature Mixed Solder Assembly: Mechanical Characterization: Peter Borgesen
MAT7F. Low Temperature Mixed Solder Assembly: High Strain Rate Fragility: Luke Wentlent
MAT4D. High Performance Die Level Thermal Interface Materials: Divya Choudhary
REL17A. System in Package Interconnect Reliability – SAC305: Michael Meilunas
AREA Research Portfolio Briefs – March 2018: Michael Meilunas, Pericles Kondos, Michael Gaynes
IPC Assembly Specification Updates: Brook Sandy-Smith
Conformal Coating for Sn Whisker Mitigation: Fei Dong
MAT8B. Conformal Coating Thermal Cycle Reliability Impact: Michael Meilunas
MAT8D. Conformal Coating for Mitigation of S Induced Resistor Corrosion: Marie Cole
REL15C. Power Cycle Reliability Testing: Michael Gaynes
APD11B. Laser Selective Reflow Assembly and Reliability: Luke Wentlent
APD11C. Laser Rework Station Development: Brian Sohn