2017 Meetings

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 October | June | March
October AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
Electromigration Study of Lead-Free Solder Joints: Faramarz Hadian
MAT8D: Sulfur Resistor Corrosion: Conformal Coating Mitigation and Supplier Sensitivity: Michael Gaynes, Holly Rubin
MAT4D: High Performance Die Level Thermal Interface Materials: Divya Choudhary
APD11B: Laser Reflow Fundamentals: Luke Wentlent
Flexible Hybrid Electronic Materials: Christopher Ober
APD2B: Joining to Flexible Substrates with Asymmetric Heating: Peter McClure
APD11: Laser Reflow Application Studies: Luke Wentlent
REL9A: Mixed VIPPO Solder Defect Studies: Pericles Kondos
Effect of Long Term Aging on the Fatigue Properties of SnAgCu Solder Joints: Sa’d Hamasha
REL16A: Die Size Effects on BGA Reliability and Mechanical Modeling Thereof: Peter McClure, Mahdi Farahikia
REL17A: System-in-Package Interconnect Reliability – SAC305: Michael Meilunas
REL15B,C: Power Cycle Reliability Testing: Michael Gaynes
Laser Reflowed Solder Joints / Mechanical Behavior  / Quantitative Metallography: Luke Wentlent, Thaer Alghoul, Mohammed Genanu
SnAgCu Elevated Temperature Aging Study: Peter McClure
REL11B: HiP Assembly Challenges with Window PCB: Michael Meilunas
MAT6C: Sintered Ag Die Attach Materials: Pericles Kondos
June AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
APD3B: Large Body BGA Characterization: Michael Meilunas
REL15C: Combined Power Cycle & Environmental Thermal Cycle: Michael Gaynes
REL7A: SnAgCu Thermal Aging Effects: Peter McClure
MAT6C: Sintered Silver Die Attach Materials: Pericle Kondos
MAT4B: Reliability of TIM2 Materials: Michael Gaynes
REL9A: Mixed VIPPO Solder Defect Investigation: Pericles Kondos
REL12A: Thermal Cycle Test of 2.5D Copper Pillar Interconnects: Mohammed Genanu
Bismuth Based Transient Liquid Phase Bonding: Junghyun Cho
MAT7E: Alternate Pb-free Solder Alloy Reliability: Francis Mutuku
MAT6G: Solder Alloys for Automotive Applications: Luke Wentlent
APD2B: Joining for Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Peter McClure
Low Temperature Mixed Solder Assembly: Peter Borgesen
APD11B: Laser Reflow Assembly — First Looks: Luke Wentlent
March AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
REL12A: 2.5D Copper Pillar Interconnect Structures: Mohammed Genanu
APD11A: Laser Reflow Flip Chip Characterization: Jim Wilcox
MAT2A: Four Point Bend Pad Cratering Study: Michael Meilunas
REL3E: Laminate Material Effects in Mechanical Reliability Testing: Michael Meilunas
REL10B: Solder Alloy Mechanical Reliability Testing: Michael Meilunas
Reliability Impact of Long Term Thermal Aging on Lead Free Solders: Sa’d Hamasha
MAT4B: TIM2 Performance Evaluations  TIM2 Characterization Review: Michael Gaynes
MAT4C: Ganged Heatsink TIM2 Reliability: Michael Gaynes
MAT9B: Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Materials and Assembly: Nancy Stoffel
MAT1B: Reworkable Component Underfills: Pericles Kondos
MAT7E: Solder Alloy Reliability Studies: Francis Mutuku
MAT6C: Sintered Silver Die Attach Materials: Pericles Kondos
REL15B,C: Power Cycle Reliability Testing: Michael Gaynes
REL2A: Deformation Behavior of SnAgCu Solder in Variable Amplitude Cycling: Luke Wentlent
REL17B: SiP Structures – Alternate Solder Alloy Interconnects: Michael Meilunas
REL9A: Mixed VIPPO Array BGA Soldering Defects: Matt Kelly