2016 Meetings

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 October | June | March
MAT7H: SnBi(Ag) Low Melting Temperature Solder: Francis Mutuku
MAT6F: Alternative Alloy Drop Shock Testing: Jim Wilcox
REL3D: Elevated Temperature Harmonic Vibration: Xin Huang
Intermetallic Spalling: In-Tae Bae
Next Generation Biometric Security Access System: Don Lee (Samsung)
APD1D: Solder Process Voiding Study: By Michael Meilunas
QFN Thermal Modeling   QFN Thermal Calculator: Matt Schwiebert
REL15A: Power Cycle Reliability Testing: Michael Gaynes
REL12A: Copper Pillar Interconnects: Mohammed Genanu
area Laser Selective Reflow (aLSR): J.J. Choi
APD11A: aLSR Flipchip Assembly: Jim Wilcox
Flexible Hybrid Electronics / Thin Die Assembly: Eric Forsythe (Army Research Lab)
REL16A: Die Size Effects on Thermal Fatigue Reliability: Richard Coyl, Jim Wilcox
MAT7E: Alternative Solder Alloy ATC Reliability: Francis Mutuku
MAT1B: Component Underfills: Process & Performance: Pericles Kondos
MAT4B: Thermal Characterization of TIM Putties: Michael Gaynes
APD1C: Fine Pitch Paste Printing (50um & 80um Stencils): Michael Meilunas
June AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
ADP1A: Broadband Printing Update: Michael Meilunas
Failure Detection Criteria: Michael Meilunas
Intelligent Solder Paste Print Optimization: Hakan Ugur
MAT1B: Reworkable Component Underfills: Pericles Kondos
MAT4B: TIM2 Selection and Characterization Review: Michael Gaynes
MAT6C: Sintered Silver Die Attach: Pericles Kondos and Falguni Sood
MAT6D: Effect of Component Surface Finish: Faramarz Hadian
MAT7A: ATC Reliability of Alternate Alloys: Francis Mutuku
REL3C: Vibration Reliability at Elevated Temperature: Dr. Quang Su and Xin Huang
REL6A: Print Quality Correlation to Reliability: Michael Meilunas


March AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
APD1A Broadband Printing: Michael Meilunas
Bismuth As An Alternative for Pb-free High Temperature Solders: Junghyun Cho
MAT1B: Reworkable Underfills Update: Pericles Kondos
MAT6C: Sintered Silver Die Attach Processing: Pericles Kondos
MAT6D: Effect of Component Surface Finish On Mechanical Reliability of High Temperature Solder Joints: Faramarz Hadian
MAT7A: Third Generation Pb Free Solder Alloys: Babak Arfei
MAT7B: Effect of Alloy Composition on Isothermal Solder Joint Shear Fatigue: Francis Mutuku
MAT8B: New Conformal Coating Materials: Michael Meilunas
MAT9A: Introduction to Pariposer: Michael Meilunas
REL6A: BGA Paste Paste Print Correlation to Reliability: Michael Meilunas
REL6A: LGA & QFN Paste Print Correlations to Reliability: Michael Meilunas
REL12A: Fine Pitch Copper Pillar Interconnections: Mohammed Genanu
REL15A: Power Cycle Reliability Test: Mary Hatfalvi
REL16A: Die Size Effects On BGA Reliability: Richard Coyle
Resistor Conformal Coating Corrosion Study: Marie Cole
Sintered Ag + nano Cu: Peter Borgesen and Maan Kokash