2015 Meetings

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October AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
MAT1B: Reworkable Underfills (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
REL12A: Fine Pitch Copper Pillar Interconnect for 2.5D Packaging (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
MAT6B: Reliability of Sintered Ag Die Attach (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
MAT7B: Pre-Aging, Surface Finish and Loading Effects on Isothermal Mechanical Behavior of Pb-free Solder Alloys (On Demand): Francis Mutuku
MAT7EF : New Pb-free Alloys: Effect of Solder Composition, Volume and PCB Surface Finish on Reliability (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
REL11A: Effect of TIM Compression Loads on BGA Reliability: Harry Schoeller
REL6A: Solder Paste Print Correlations to Reliability: Michael Meilunas
0.3mm Pitch CSP Assembly – Part 2. Assembly and Reliability Results (On Demand): Jeff Schake
APD1A: Broadband Paste Printing: Michael Meilunas
Hot Topics in SMT Assembly Fluxes: Brook Sandy-Smith
MAT8C: Conformal Coated Resistor Corrosion: Marie Cole
MAT8B: New Conformal Coating Materials: Michael Meilunas
Development of Polyurethane-based Conformal Coatings for Pb-free Electronics: Suraj Maganty, Junghyun Cho
MAT2A: Effect of Copper Foil Treatment on Pad Strength (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
BGA Interconnect Stress during SMT Cooldown Simulation Study: Free Package Warp | Mounted Package Warp: Matt Schwiebert
MAT2C: High Tg PCB Laminates – Effect of Multiple Reflows on Pad Strength (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
MAT6D: Evaluation of Component Terminations for Extended Temperature Applications (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
MAT8B : Solid State Interfacial Reactions of Pb-free Alloys at Extended Operating Temperatures (On Demand): Faramarz Hadian, Harry Schoeller
Effect of Ag3Sn Precipitate Morphology on the Creep Resistance of SnAgCu Solder Joints: Eric Cotts
Effect of Cu Roughness on Pad Cratering Strength (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
High Tg PCB Laminates (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
Paste Print Correlation to Reliability (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
Stencil Printing Considerations for 0.3mm Pitch CSP Assembly (On Demand): Jeff Schake
Broadband Paste Printing (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
Progress with Pb-free Solder Alloys (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
Brittle to Ductile Transition in Bi-based Solder (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
Reliability of Pressureless Sintered-Ag Die Attach (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
March AREA Introduction: Jim Wilcox
MAT6B : Reliability of Sintered Ag Die Attach (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
REL6A : Paste Print Correlations to Component Reliability:Effect of Print ‘Outliers’ (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
MAT7F : New Pb Free Alloys: Effect of Solder Composition on ATC Reliability (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
MAT7F : Lower Melt Solder for High Reliability Electronics
Supplementary Files: Thilo Sack
MAT7B : Microstructural Analysis and Isothermal Mechanical Behavior of Microalloyed Pb-free Solder Alloys (On Demand): Francis Mutuku
MAT1A : Underfill Projects Update (On Demand): Pericles Kondo
MAT6G : Solid State Interfacial Reactions of Pb-free Solders in High Temperature Environments (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
REL12A : Reliability of Cu Pillar Interconnect for Next Generation 2.5D / 3D Packages (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
REL12A : Cu Pillar Bumping on Silicon and Glass for Packaging Integration: Eric Perfecto
Speckle-Free Digital Image Correlation Method for in-situ Warpage Measurements: SB Park
APD3A : Large Body BGA Reliability (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
MAT8B : Conformal Coating: Effects on Solder Joint Reliability (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
REL3A : Mechanical Response of Solder Joints under Vibration Loading: Quang Su
REL11A : Effect of TIM Compression Loads on BGA Reliability (On Demand): Nick Graziano
MAT2C : Pad Cratering Projects Update (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
MAT2C : High Tg PCB Laminates: Effect of Multiple Reflows on Pad Strength (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
APD9A : BGA Warpage: Evaluating JEDEC and JEITA Standards for Allowable Component Warpage  (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
MAT7D : Effect of Solder Composition and PCB Surface Finish on Drop Test Performance (On Demand): Shaui Shao