2014 Meetings

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Wednesday Morning
Introduction: Jim Wilcox
MAT1A – Underfill Studies:
a) Reliability Update and Failure Analysis (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
b) Underfilm instead of Underfill (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
MAT6B – Characterization of Ag-sintered Past as Pb-free Die Attach Material as Pb-free Die Attach Material (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
MAT7B – Isothermal Shear Fatigue Behavior of Microalloyed Lead-Free Solder Alloys (On Demand): Francis Mutuku
MAT7D –Drop Shock Reliability of Various Lead-Free Alloys (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
Pb-free Manhattan Project – Rebaseline: Linda Woody
Wednesday Afternoon
MAT8A – Impact of Conformal Coatings on Thermal Cycle Reliability of SMT Components (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
MAT7A – Effect of PCB Surface Finish and Solder Volume on Thermal Fatigue Performance of Lead-Free and SnPb Solder Joints (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
MAT6C – Thermo-mechanical Reliability of High Temperature Interconnects: Harry Schoeller
REL3A – Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Characterization for Vibration Reliability of LGA vs. BGA Packages: Quang Su and Aaron Stewart
PERM Project Updates: Dave Pinsky,Tony Rafanelli, Dave Hillman, Sebastian Fonseka, Steve Davidson
Thursday Afternoon
REL2A – Model for Fatigue Life of Lead-free Solder (On Demand): Peter Borgesen
REL2A – Effects of Varying Amplitude on Solder Joint Fatigue in Isothermal Cycling (On Demand): Sa’d Hamasha
REL11A –  Effect of TIM Compression Loads on BGA Reliability (On Demand): Nicholas Graziano
MAT6B – Isothermal Fatigue of High Melting Point Alloys: Harry Schoeller: Harry Schoeller
MAT2B – Effect of Pad Locations relative to Glass Weave on Cratering (On Demand): Mohammad Quran
MAT6A – Effect of Sn Component Surface Finish on 92.5PbSn2.5Ag (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
MAT6B –2015 Research Plan Highlights: Jim Wilcox
June AREA Introduction: Martin Anselm
Materials Track
MAT1A – Underfill Part I (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
MAT1A – Underfills and Adhesives-Part II (On Demand): Mohammad Quaran
MAT4A – Characterization of Gap Pads with Fixed Bondline and Phase Change Materials (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
REL11A – Effect of Compression Loads on BGA Reliability (On Demand): Nicholas Graziano
MAT8A – Conformal Coating Update (On Demand): Martin Anselm
MAT2A – Pad Cratering in TB2014-ELM (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
MAT6C – Characterization of High Temperature Solder Alloys (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
MAT7B – Effect of Microstructure on Isothermal Mechanical Properties of Various Solder Alloys (On Demand): Francis Mutuku
MAT7C – Effect of Isothermal Aging on Reliability of LF Product (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
The Effect of Microalloying on Thermal Fatigue Reliability and Microstructure of SAC Solders Ni Microalloying: Richard Coyl (Alcatel-Lucent) ref: p765 Coyle et al. 64th ECTC
Advanced Process Development (APD) Track
SigNature® DNA – DNA-based Anti-counterfeiting Technology Solution: Janice Meraglia (VP for Military and Government Programs at Applied DNA Sciences)
MAT6B – Characterization of High Temperature Solders used for Passive Devices (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
MAT5A – Paste Print Project Status Update: Chris Anglin
Reliability Track
REL2A – Correlation Between Accumulated Work and Fatigue Life of Lead-free Solder Joints: Peter Borgesen
REL6A – Print Correlations to Reliability (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
REL3A – LGA vs. BGA Vibration Performance: Aaron Stewart
REL10A – Drop test JESD22-B111 Redesign Evaluation Characterization of Proposed JEDEC Drop Test Vehicle (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
MAT7A – Effect of Nanodopants on Reliability of LF Solders in Drop Testing (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
February AREA Introduction (On Demand): Martin Anselm
Reliability Track
MAT4A: Component Level TIM Characterization (Final Report) (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
REL2A: Correlation Between Accumulated Work and Fatigue Life of Lead-free Solder Joints (On Demand): Sa’D Hamasha
REL2A: Effects of Sn-grain Orientation on the Fatigue Life of Lead-free Solder Joints (On Demand): Sa’d Hamash and Luke Wentlent
REL10A: Drop Test JESD22-B111 Redesign Evaluation: Michael Meilunas
REL4A: Creep Corrosion (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
REL9A: HDI Design Review: Michael Meilunas
REL3A: Circuit Board Strain Laser Vibrometer: Prof. Quang Su (Binghamton University)
REL3B: Vibration Reliability Plans: Prof. Quang Su (Binghamton University)
Prof. Su’s Combined Presentations (On Demand)
Design and Reliability (On Demand)
1 Inch Metal Ball Drop on Glass – Video
300mm Wafer Warpage during Reflow – Video
Cell Phone Case with PCB – Video
Board Strain – Video
Component Warpage at Elevated Temperature – Video
    : Prof. SB Park
Modeling and Characterization for Shock and Vibration (On Demand): Prof. James Pitarresi (Binghamton University)
Advanced Process Development (APD) Track
APD3B: WLCSP Reliability Analysis Effect of RDL Design on Thermal Cycle Results: Michael Meilunas
APD8A: BGA vs. LGA Drop Test Comparison (On Demand): Gaurang Joshi
ADP3A: TB2013 ATC Reliability: Michael Meilunas
SPI Optimization – Koh Young (On Demand): JD Shin of Koh Young
BVA Review – Invensas (On Demand): Charles Woychik of Invensas