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Introduction: Martin Anselm
Trends in the Development and Implementation of Interconnect and Packaging Technologies: David McCann Vice President, Packaging and R&D, GLOBALFOUNDRIES – Keynote
Materials Track
MAT4A: TIM, The Effect of Thermal Storage on Gap-Pad Performance (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
UMAT1A: Underfill Studies – Process Development and Characterization (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
MAT10A: Laminate and Glass Studies in Pad Cratering (On Demand): Yuan Zeng
MAT7A: New Alloy Reliability Testing – Effect of Size and Composition (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
MAT7A: Effect of Solder Composition and Trace Elements on Mechanical Shear Fatigue (On Demand): Francis Mutuku
Reliability Track
REL2A:  Accounting for the Evolution of SnPb and SnAgCu Properties and the Resulting Breakdown of Linear Damage Accumulation Rules in Cycling with Varying Amplitudes (On Demand): Sa’D Hamasha
REL2A:  Current LF Models and Progress Update on Modification (On Demand): Prof. Peter Borgesen (Binghamton University)
REL4A: Creep Corrosion – Effects of Test Methods (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
REL1A:  PCB Prestress & Pad Cratering a Modified Test Method (On Demand): Gaurang Joshi
REL3A:  Vibration Reliability Testing and Analysis: Prof. Quang Su (Binghamton University)
REL3A: Modeling and Characterization of Shock and Vibration (On Demand): Prof. James Pitarresi (Binghamton University)
MAT2B: Effect of Isothermal Preaging on Accelerated Thermal Cycling Tests (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
Advanced Process Development Track
APD3A: LGA vs BGA Pad Cratering (On Demand): Yuan Zeng
APD2A: 0.3mm Pitch Build Report and Drop Testing and ATC Results (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
APD3A: TB2013 Reliability Update (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
APD3A: TB2013 Reliability Failure Mode Evaluation (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
MAT8A: Conformal Coating Early Reliability Data and Characterization (On Demand): Martin Anselm
MAT6A:  High Melting Point (HMP) Electronics – Test Board Design and Planning (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
Business Cards of our members and guests in attendance.
Introduction (On Demand): Martin Anselm
Materials Track
MAT4A – Component Level TIM Comparison (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
MAT1A – Underfill Research Plans (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
MAT10A – Pad Cratering Glass Orientation Effect (On Demand): Yuan Zeng
MAT3A – TB2013 Pad Finish Evaluation (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
MAT6B – New Pb-free Die Attach Alloys (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
MAT2B & MAT7A – Low Ag LF Microstructure and Reliability (On Demand): Babak Arfaei
MAT7A – Effect of Microstructure on Shear Fatigue (On Demand): Francis Mutuku
X-ray Tomography, Presented by NSI: GUEST SPEAKER, Wes Wren
Advanced Process Development Track
ADP3A – TB2013 Build Report and Printing Optimization (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
ADP4A – Vapor Phase Rework of High IO Components (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
MAT5A – 0.3mm Pitch Update (On Demand): Jeff Schake of DEK
Challenges in Rework for Smart Phones and Tablets, Presented by OKi: GUEST SPEAKER, Paul Wood
Reliability Track
MAT8A – Impact of Conformal Coating on Thermal Cycling Reliability of SMT Components (On Demand): Martin Anselm
REL1A – Modeling of Spherical Bend Test Method: Prof. Jame Pitarresi of BU
REL1A – Effect of Prestressing on PCB Pad Cratering (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
REL4A – Creep Corrosion Update – TB2013 Surface Finish Testing (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
REL2A – Variable Loading of Low Ag Alloys (On Demand): Sa’D Hamasha
REL2A – Thermal Cycling, The Mechanisms Behind Surprising Trends (On Demand): Sam Sirazi
REL3A – Vibration Test Update and FA: Prof. Quang Su of BU
REL3A – Modeling and Characterization for Shock and Vibration: Prof. Jame Pitarresi of BU
Introduction (On Demand): Martin Anselm, Manager AREA Consortium
Pad Cratering (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
Paste Measurement (On Demand): Chris Anglin
0.3mm Pitch Print Development (On Demand): Jeff Schake (DEK)
Cycling Effect on Laminate Strength (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
Effect of Sn on HMP (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
Pb-free Die Attach Update (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
Angled HBP Methodology (On Demand): Pericles Kondos
PCB Material Testing Update (On Demand): Yuan Zeng (BU Student Research Associate)
Resonance Tracking Vibration Testing: Prof. Quang Su (BU Mechanical Engineering)
Strain Analysis (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
Modeling and Characterization for Shock and Vibration (On Demand): Prof. James Pitarresi (BU Mechanical Engineering)
Lead-Free Failure Mechanisms in ATC Testing (On Demand): Babak Arfaei… This Presentation includes both sessions of Babak’s presentation.
Slow and High Speed Shear Testing of New Alloys (On Demand): Shantanu Joshi (BU Student Research Associate)
Digital Image Correlation: Prof. SB Park (BU Mechanical Engineering)
Component Level TIM Comparison (On Demand): Harry Schoeller
Fine Pitch Reliability Final Update: Michael Meilunas
Effects of ATC Parameters (On Demand): Michael Meilunas
Lead Free Solder Joints in Thermal Cycling (On Demand): Peter Borgesen (BU SSIE Department)
Comparing Lead Free Solder Alloys in Terms of Reliability (On Demand): Peter Borgesen (BU SSIE Department)
Wave Soldering Hole Fill Planning: Denis Barbini
Creep Corrosion Update – ENEPIG (On Demand): Pericles Kondos