2011 Meetings

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October  |  June
Meeting Agenda
PCB Issues:
Creep Corrosion: Liang Yin
Creep Corrosion – SWF file
Pad Cratering: Design Overview: Brian Roggeman
Updates on ZetaCap Project: Brian Roggeman
Pad Cratering in Rework: Pericles Kondos
Pad Cratering in Rework – SWF file
TMV PoP Assembly: Brian Roggeman
Epoxy Flux: Pericles Kondos
Epoxy Flux – SWF file
Head in Pillow Inspection Project: Michael Meilunas
Detecting Head in Pillow Defects – SWF file
Thermal Cycling Projects Update: Michael Meilunas
Thermal Cycling Projects Update – SWF file
Reliability Model: Peter Borgesen
Varying Cycling Amplitude: Younis Jaradat
Varying Cycling Amplitude – SWF file
Lead-Free Characterization:
Measuring Creep using DIC: Hohyung Lee
Controlling Microstructure: Babak Arfaei
Controlling Microstructure – SWF file
Microstructure Evolution during Fatigue: Liang Yin
Microstructure Evolution during Fatigue – SWF file
Damage Evolution in Cycling: Awni Qasaimeh
Damage Evolution in Cycling – SWF file
SERDP Whisker Project: Stephan Meschter
Overview of S3IP at Binghamton University: Bahgat Sammakia
Energy Efficient Data Centers: Bahgat Sammakia
Pad Cratering: Effects of ZetaCap: Brian Roggeman
Cratering in Shock: Pradosh Guruprasad
Effects of Assembly Damage on Cratering: David Rae
Effect of Latent Laminate Damage on Cratering: Pericles Kondos
Controlling SnAgCu Structures: Part I: Babak Arafei
Controlling SnAgCu Structures: Part II: Babak Arafei
Update on Thermal Cycling: Michael Meilunas
On the Track of a Damage Function for Cycling of SnAgCu: Awni Qasaimeh
Effects of Varying the Cycle Amplitude: Younis Jaradat
More on Amplitude Variation: Luke Wentlent
Creep Corrosion: Liang Yin
ENEPIG: Pericles Kondos
Intermetallic Bond Issues on ENIG: Martin Anselm
Thermal Interface Tapes: David Rae
TIM Printing and Cook-Book: David Rae