2009 Meetings

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March Presentations
Fatigue of low-Ag solder joints
Thermal cycling of lead free solders
Empirical modeling of thermal cycling test results
Crack initiation and growth in lead free solder joints during thermal cycling and cyclic bending, including the potential for much faster life prediction
Lead free solder microstructure
Quantitative understanding of recrystallization and consequences for lead free life assessment Materials
Results and models for the effects of varying loads on lead free fatigue (Miner’s rule)
Tutorial on the mechanisms and complications of solder pad cratering
A serious risk of pad cratering is universally overlooked
Cratering and solder failure for different SAC alloys in drop and cyclic impact (pendulum) testing
Printing of solder paste for 0.4mm pitch area array assembly manufacturing
Intermetallic bonds to ENEPIG and Ni/Au pad finishes
Performance of underfills and edge bonds in drop testing
Voiding in Cu3Sn
Characterization of Thermal Interfaces
Precommercial TIM Process Development and Reliability Evaluation
Thermal Tape Characterization
June Presentations
Reliability Investigation of SN100C: Phase II
Lead Free Thermal Cycling Progress
Failure Analysis
Pad Cratering Test Methods
Recrystallization of SAC Solder Joints in Thermal Cycling
Accelerated Aging of Lead-Free SolderJoints
Effects of Different Load Combinations on Pb-Free Solder JointsSn
Reflowing Low-Ag(+X) Joints
Lead Free Solder Joint Reliability
The Manhattan Project
Sporadic Failure of Solder Joints on Ni/Au Pads
Thermal Bondline Assembly
Rapid Ranking and Screening Procedures for Underfills and Corner/Edge Bonds
October Presentations
Thermal Cycling Update
Neural Network Analysis of Thermal Cycling Data
Pad Cratering
Pad Crater Testing
New Thermal Interface Materials
Reliability of Thermal Interface Materials
Spalling in Lead Free Solder Joints
Microstructure of Low-Ag Alloys
Soldering with Low-Ag Alloys
Damage Accumulation Under Variable Loads
Damage Accumulation and Microstructure
Microstructure Evolution in SnAgCu Solder Joints
Edge and Corner Bonding
Testing for IMC Issues on Ni Pads
Flux Dipping
Consortium Reports