AREA Consortium

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  • For more than two decades, Universal’s Advanced Research in Electronics Assembly (AREA) Consortium has been focused on developing a fundamental, mechanistic understanding of the materials and processes utilized in electronics assembly, with a particular emphasis on maximizing assembly yields and long-term reliability. In the AREA Consortium, the experienced team of scientists from Universal’s APL conducts fast-paced research and shares the results with more than 30 industry-leading member companies.

    Each year, the APL chooses a set of relevant projects on new and emerging technologies based on consultation with consortium members, as well as other industry and academic researchers. The APL then conducts analytical and experimental research on these topics in order to generate applicable knowledge for specific product development and manufacturing processes.

    • Partnering with over 30 leading electronics industry companies to identify and develop new and emerging technologies
    • Focused on materials, reliability, and process research
    • Research is member-driven and executed by the APL staff
    • PhD/Masters-educated staff with diverse backgrounds across Mechanical, Chemical, Materials Engineering disciplines
    • Vertical research program (design, manufacturing, characterization, reliability test, analysis, reporting)
    • Project findings delivered to consortium members at scheduled meetings and via website
    • Members have extended access to APL expertise and equipment
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