Analytical Services

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  • Your response to production or field failures is critical to your business. Reacting swiftly and decisively secures your reputation and resolves issues that will otherwise destroy profitability. But to achieve it, you must locate and rectify the root cause immediately – a big task when you are working with the most advanced components, materials, and processes. You need specialized tools to examine cost-sensitive assemblies and the expertise to correctly interpret the results.

    Universal’s APL Analytical Services provide all that and more with precision analytical tools and a team of experts whose collective knowledge spans the full range of leading-edge packaging and assembly technologies.

    • Valuable for OEMs, CEMs, suppliers, end-use consumers
    • Root cause failure analysis (component packaging, second-level interconnect, handling, final assembly)
    • Materials evaluation (conformance, composition)
    • Reliability test (mechanical, environmental, vibration, shock)
    • Leveraging knowledge gained from our process, materials, and reliability research
    • Detailed technical reports to support findings
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