Innova Direct Die Feeder

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  • Innova Direct Die Feeders support a full complement of high-volume flip chip and bare die applications. Innova enables high-speed die delivery from wafer over a wide range of die sizes. When integrated with the flexible FuzionSC Platform, Innova eliminates the need for dedicated die presentation systems to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

    • Ideal for SiP applications
    • High-mix to high-volume support
    • Handles up to 300mm wafers
    • Inline barcode scanning supports ALPs or Inkless wafer maps
    • Supports up to 4 per machine
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Innova Models & Specifications
  • Innova – High-speed flip chip and bare die presentation from a single wafer
  • Innova + – High-speed flip chip and bare die presentation with a cassette supporting up to 13 wafers
ModelMax Wafers
per Feeder
Max Rate (cph)
Flip Chip / Bare Die
Min Die Thickness (μm)Min Die Size (mm)Wafer ChangeWafer Size (in)Wafer Expansion
Innova14,700 / 4,000750.7 x 0.7Manual4, 6, 8, 12Offline, grip rings
Innova +134,700 / 4,000750.7 x 0.7Automatic4*, 6*, 8*, 12
*Requires 12" frame
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