ESD Services

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  • Universal has partnered with Advanced ESD Services +, an ESD certification and consulting firm with over 30 years experience in the control of Electrostatic Attraction and Electrostatic Discharge, to provide ESD-related services to our customers. A broad array of ESD consulting services are available from automated and manual process audits and Production Line Charge Profiles to training and assistance in obtaining Facility Certification.

    • Site Audits: Complete review of existing ESD control programs throughout the entire manufacturing process. Audit report includes program strengths, weaknesses, compliance gaps and recommendations to improve processes for compliance and/or certification.
    • ESD Control Program Assistance: Assistance in the development of your ESD Control Program or provide a customized program specifically designed to meet your requirements.
    • Equipment & Process Audits: Trouble-shooting ESD issues and verification of ESD requirements in your automated equipment and processes.
    • Class 0 Audits: Verification of manual and automated processes to determine if they meet ever-increasing class 0 requirements.
    • Material Audits: Evaluation of materials for surface resistivity, point-to-point resistance, volume resistance, charge decay and material identification.
    • Training: ESD awareness & control, ESD equipment verification & controlling ESD by design training offerings.
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