Machine Upgrades

Want the best possible performance from your Universal equipment? Proper maintenance and select machine upgrades are key to reaching this goal. Contact your regional Global Service representative to receive a customized plan for your specific Universal gear.

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    Surface Mount Platform Upgrades

    Lightning Head Performance Enhancements

    Is your Lightning head more than 3 years old? Upgrade your placement head with the latest technology and increase it’s reliability and yield as well as extend its life.

    Enhancement benefits
      • High reliability spindle valves = less maintenance
      • New high tolerance pre-loader = less maintenance
      • New brass venturis = better vacuum & pick yield
      • Inner spindle bias feature, tighter spindle standard deviation = better place yield & less frequent trim
      • New spindle washer plates = protects spindle housing
      • Upgrades include new valves, pre-loaders, venturis, filters, theta motors, pca boards and much more.
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    Platform Upgrades

    Improve the performance and extend the service life of your Universal surface mount machines with our comprehensive upgrade options.

    Upgrades available

    Camera upgrades

    • Expand your available component range with a new Wide Field of View camera.
    • Do you run fine pitch components? Upgrade to the latest and highest magnification cameras available.

    Software upgrades

    • Are your machines on the latest software stream? Our Global Services representatives will identify what software upgrade options and features are available for you.

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    Through-Hole Platform Upgrades

    Radial & Axial 88HT Upgrade

    Protect your investment and upgrade your existing Universal through-hole machine to the latest software and hardware available.

    Upgrade benefits & applicability

    Upgrade includes

    • Latest machine software levels
    • New hardware
    • Latest electronic hardware infrastructure
    • Capability to accept future performance & reliability upgrades

    Additional Benefits include

    • 1 year upgrade parts warranty
    • Additional service life
    • Increased asset value
    • Faster board transfer & table velocity
    • Programmable clinch height

    Applicable Machines

    • Series 8 Radial & VCD w/ 5.x or 6.x software
    • Series 88 Radial & VCD w/ 6.x or 7.x software
    • Mag to Mag machines require new 5428B Mag to Mag kit
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    VCD Insertion Head Extended Life Kit

    Universal has developed a new VCD insertion head kit that lessens wear between driver bodies & kickout arms and increases life span.

    Kit details
    • Millions of machine cycles cause significant wear on insertion head tooling. Our engineers designed a retrofit kit, with updated tooling/hardware, that reduces the friction between driver bodies & kickout arms, thereby noticeably reducing wear & increasing life span.
    • Get more out of your insertion head tooling and ensure optimal performance with this effective upgrade.
    • Kit includes latest driver bodies, kickout arms, raise bar and additional hardware.
    • Driver bodies are coated with new plating material (silver finish)
    • Standard, 5mm & Large Lead kits available
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