Product Support Status

Universal Instruments’ product support life cycle identifies the changing levels of support we provide throughout the serviceable life of our standard products. These levels are known as support phases, and they include active, standard, reduced, and inactive phases. On a product’s last date of manufacture, we evaluate the product to determine its progression through the different levels of the life cycle.

Active Support Phase
Refers to products currently being manufactured. Full technical, field engineering, training, and spare parts support are available for these products.

Standard Support Phase
Refers to products that maintain the same level of support as active products even though they are no longer manufactured. Refurbished machines of this configuration are being sold and supported. Full technical, field engineering, and parts support are available for these products. Product training is available for on-site delivery during this period. Product training may be available.

Reduced Support Phase
Refers to products whose last date of manufacture is more than four years from the current date, and a review has determined that a reduced support phase is appropriate. Once designated, a product will remain in this phase for a minimum of two years. Support elements will be available on a decreasing basis. Third party registrations and refurbished machines will be sold with a minimum two-year support capability. Product training may not be available.

Inactive Support Phase
Refers to products beyond the seven-year support plan that Universal has determined are appropriate for a diminished support phase. Field engineering, technical support, and product training will be provided on an “as available” basis. No third party or refurbished equipment of this configuration will be sold.

Second User Equipment Registration and Support Policy
Registering pre-owned equipment has never been easier. Customers acquiring remanufactured Universal Instruments equipment directly from Universal’s Remanufactured Machine Division or an authorized Universal Instruments representative immediately benefit from our unparalleled customer service and support, while equipment acquired from a source outside the Universal family requires licensed software prior to use.

The link below displays all Universal Instruments active (currently manufactured) products. If the product you are looking for is not included on the list below, it is possible it has been moved to a status other than active. A complete product status listing is available through your MyUniversal account.

Product Support Status : A complete listing of all Universal Instruments equipment with active support status.