Introducing the NEW Metals Value Program (MVP)

**Check out our NEW Metals Value Program**


The Metals Value Program (MVP) is an exciting NEW two-tiered combination of equipment support options that enable you to select the best equipment service level to suit your individual service needs. You can choose between Gold or Silver MVP, whatever is best suited to your production goals for each machine in your inventory.

      You too can become an MVP!

The MVP replaces our existing *Extended Warranty Programs including: Basic, Parts & Labor and Plus.

To participate in this program, you’ll have the opportunity to select from either the Gold MVP or Silver MVP support levels for each machine you want covered. The MVP elements include, but are not limited to the following, and will vary depending on which plan you choose:

Program Benefits + More:

    • Discounted hardware/software upgrades

    • Discounted parts, feeders, and accessories

    • Complimentary annual machine PMs

    • Discounts on spares purchases through Customer Loyalty Program

      • Sliding scale discount based on your spend level: 4% >/= $50k, 7% > $51k, 10% > 100k

*If you currently have an active Extended Warranty contract, then it will remain in effect until the expiration date of your contract. Once the contract expires, you’ll need to select the level of the plan that works best for you.

Summary of the available MVP plans:

Pick the extended warranty plan that’s right for you and continue to BUILD with confidence.

Ready to sign up?

Or to learn more, contact your local Customer Service Manager (CSM) from the list below. They will discuss your individual needs and provide you with a quote for the package that’s right for you.

 Or click here to be contacted immediately.

Or, if you elect not to take advantage of the MVP program, we also offer most services à la carte so you can create a customized solution that suits your individual needs.  Contact your local CSM to learn more!

Don’t miss your chance to become an MVP and start enjoying extra rewards today!

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