• Stencil Aperture Design – Its Role in Achieving a High Quality SMT PCBA Process

    The old saying ‘garbage in – garbage out’ can apply directly to this initial process in the assembly of SMT assemblies. Stencils designed without regard to materials, pad design and part geometry will create poor yields and needless rework. With a properly engineered stencil design, a high yielding printing process is easily within reach.

  • New Way to Save on Universal Instruments’ Spare Parts

    Universal Instruments just added a promotional code feature to the online spare parts ordering system and has already had 2 promotion activities in the past month (5% off on orders of $1500 or more/10% off on SMT 0402 nozzle order). Now you can take advantage of regularly distributed promotions by signing up.

  • Universal Instruments’ New SMT Nozzle Cleaning Solution

    Using a poor SMT nozzle cleaning process or improper cleaning agent result in unsatisfactory pick and place performance, shorter nozzle lifespan and increased operating expense. Universal Instruments just launched our nozzle cleaning solution to ensure peak nozzle performance and lifespan.

  • Failure Analysis: Lessons Learned in Manufacturing

    Upcoming SMTA Webtorial on July 15th, 1:00pm to 2:30pm Eastern time: Failure Analysis – Lessons Learned in Manufacturing. Presented by Dr. Martin Anselm from Universal Instruments Corp. Click the link to register: